Gentle Yoga

Mon – Wed: 10 -11am


This class will focus on therapeutic yoga for increased body awareness and movement for everyday life. All postures can be modified if you are unable to sit comfortably on the floor. This type of yoga will be beneficial for everyone, especially for beginners, seniors, and those recovering from an injury or surgery.


Writing Workshop

Tuesday 10am


Writing Workshop is free and open to all. This will be an informal group designed for anyone who has wanted to write but doesn’t know where to start, as well as for writers who have had experience writing but are looking for a structured setting to help them pursue their work.


Meditation with
Joe Edley

Thursday 10am


“I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and teach others how to use it to enrich their lives,” he says. “The Bates House meditation class is geared both to meditating and sharing our personal meditative experiences with each other. Everyone is welcome. Such sharing can bring a feeling of camaraderie and friendship to an otherwise solitary practice. We are all unique and equal under the sun.”  Classes are free and open to all.